How much does it cost to take an amateur license exam?

All exam sessions conducted by VEA cost AUD$22.00 (Depending on the exchange rate) 

Do I need to bring my own pencils, papers, etc?

No. Everything you will need, such as pen, pencils will be provided. 

Can I use a calculator?

Yes. However, if you bring your own calculator and it has a programmable memory, the memory must be cleared. The VEs will inspect your calculator before letting you use it. 

Can I use my cell phone as a calculator?

No! In fact, all cell phones must be turned off. If it makes any kind of noise you may be dismissed from further participation in the exam session. 

What will the test session be like?

The sessions will vary somewhat due to the teams and the facilities where the test is conducted. However, the session will generally be be conducted as follows:

1.  Registration - You will be asked to complete one or two forms; show your photo ID; inspect the original version of your current, unexpired license and other applicable documentation; and provide copies of your current, unexpired license and other applicable documentation.

2.  Pre-exam instructions - You will probably be given some pre-exam instructions regarding the use of calculators, procedures for asking questions, rules for taking the exam, bathroom breaks during the exam, etc.

3.  The exam - The Technician and General exams each contain 35 multiple choice questions. You must correctly answer 26 questions to pass (74.2%). The Amateur Extra exam contains 50 multiple choice questions of which you must correctly answer 37 (74%) to pass.

4.  Grading - Once you've completed your exam, it will be graded and you will be informed of the result. If you passed you will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam (CSCE) indicating which element(s) you've passed and, if appropriate, which license class you've earned. If you didn't pass the exam, the VEs may, at their discretion, allow you to take a second exam.

Note: The VE team will strive to score your test, inform you of the results, and process your paperwork as quickly as possible. The size of the test session and the number of VEs on-hand will be factors in how quickly this gets done. Please be patient.

If I fail my exam, can I take another exam during the same session?

The decision to let you take a second exam during the same test session after failing a previous attempt is up to the VE Team. The VE team is not required to let you take another exam.

The team will make their decision based on several factors which include, but are not limited to, the number of applicants being processed, the number of VEs available, and how badly you failed the previous exam. For example, if you missed passing by one or two questions, many teams will let you take another exam (a different version, of course). On the other hand if you missed passing by six or seven questions the VE team will most likely suggest you go home and continue studying.

What is an "FRN", and why do I need one?

FRN is the abbreviation for "FCC Registration Number". All clients of the FCC, whether amateur or commercial, are required to have one.  Their game - their rules.  An FRN is free, and can be applied for on-line. Google "Getting an FCC Registration Number" to get started. Bring this number to your exam session. 

Why do I need a USA mailing address?

Again, their game, their rules. As near as we can determine, the FCC never send anything to you via snail mail, so you should not have to pay for a commercial forwarding service.  It can be the home of a friend, a relative, or one of Australia Posts free "Shopmate" addresses.  Google "Australia Post Shopmate" to get started. 

What is the annual licence fee for a USA call sign?

Currently, there is no annual fee. 

How long is a USA licence good for?

The term is currently 10 years. It can be renewed on-line at no cost.  Good practice would be to review your FCC "ULS" (Universal Licensing System) record periodically on-line, and renew well in advance of the expiry date, to ensure that your call sign does not get issued to someone else. 

Can I use my USA call sign in Australia?

No. There are provisions for visitors to Australia to operate for up to 90 days on a foreign call sign, but if you are a permanent resident/citizen, you must apply for, and keep current, a VK call sign of equivalent rank.